“statement flowers” happy dance

statement finished

I am having a very bright happy dance here . . . with “Statement Flowers”, a kit by DMC.  This kit was a total impulse buy, last year.  I’m not really a flowery girl, but these bright, bold colours caught my eye and I knew it would be a fun project to stitch.  It was. 

statement finished 02

All those purples, greens and turquoise blues are right up my street.  I loved working on this, and I love the finished result.  So vibrant!

My little brain is already thinking about how to do the proper finish for this design . . . I’ve got an idea . . . now to see if I can make it work.

In the meantime, one finish, meant a new start . . .

live simply

Yup, another flower, but it’s the bright blues and greens that caught my eye for this design.  Plus, I bought it in sewandso’s January sales, so it was an absolute bargain price.  I already know how this design is going to be finished off, but I won’t let on for the moment.


19 thoughts on ““statement flowers” happy dance

  1. What a bright and cheerful start to the new year, certainly it will brighten up these dreary winter days. Longing to see how you finish this.
    Talking of bright and cheerful I was browsing and saw a finish from a while back called “Kokeshi Friends”, I just adore this and though I really shouldn’t be thinking about buying another chart I am wondering if you can remember who it was by – or if you still have the chart and would like to sell it on.
    Helen x

    • “Kokeshi Friends” is a design by Joan Elliott, who happens to also be the designer of “Unicorn & Maiden” that I recently finished. Can you tell I’m a Joan Elliott fan? lol.

  2. I love this piece! The colors speak to me too. I’m sorry I didn’t have the wits to click on your ‘follow’ button sooner; it looks like I’ve been missing out on quite a lot of good stuff. Kudos on the completion of your lady and unicorn. I admire the determination you and Avis have to to do new piece with triangles. It will be interesting to see that develop.

  3. Wow, that was fast! It looks brilliant. Love all the bright colours in it.
    The new start is lovely too. I might investigate Sew and So and see if it’s still on sale 😉

    • I think most of the mega bargains on sewandso got snapped up very quickly (a lot of them by me) since the sale started on 26th December.

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