red, black & silver grey

I’m going to have to think of a name for this project soon . . . can’t keep calling it “red, black & grey”.  That’s just totally lacking in imagination.

Jane progress 02

Blocks have been sashed . . . and my initial plan of having 2 outer borders has been scrapped.  This is how the top is so far.  And how it’s going to remain.

Jane progress

Actually looks better the other way

Jane progress 03

I am really pleased with it.  The black sashing has helped tone down the bright reds a little . . . but there’s not a great deal of silver grey, so binding will be grey.

I now have to pace myself, and start the process of quilting.  Will probably tackle it a block a day and not put my back under too much stress.  I am hoping to get this finished and posted to England in time for my sister’s birthday (20th Feb), but if I see I am unable to meet the deadline, I won’t push for it. 


17 thoughts on “red, black & silver grey

    • yup doctor’s instructions last Friday were “rest” so I might have to give up on my plan to get this finished in time for sister’s birthday.

    • thanks Kate, yep I think grey binding will bring it together and keep it toned down. Back will be that black & white print fabric (bit like wheat seeds).

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