some this, that, & the other

Back pain means that I’m not spending much time with my sewing machine (or on my computer) and am following physiotherapist’s instructions:  spending a lot of my time on the sofa with my feet up.  Special cushion to support my back, cushion under my knees, and generally feeling rather frustrated that my body won’t let me crack on with patchwork.

I won’t whinge too much though, as I can cross stitch with ease, once settled on my cushions  which means that my “Statement Flowers” are growing. Only last week I showed you the following photo.

statement flowers 03

The design has quickly grown to look like this

statement flowers 04

And then this

statement flowers 05

As you can see, I have finished all the black outline now and am bombing along with the “colouring in”.  I noticed I have 5 stitches to frog (in the wrong pink) on that very pink flower before I move on to adding the other colours.  But on the whole this project is plain sailing, and keeping me amused.

Something that I didn’t find amusing the other day . . . we have had a leaky radiator in my sewing room and the parquet now looks like this

parquet 02 19 janv 2017

The really annoying thing is, I had bought a piece of lino (1m x 2m) which I laid in this spot to protect the gorgeous 1970s parquet from any projections from the parrot cage.  So, once the thermostatic tap of radiator started leaking, I didn’t notice immediately because water was seeping UNDER the lino and being trapped beneath, it then started soaking into the parquet. 

We’ve already contacted the insurance people and have the green light to go ahead and get some quotes to repair damage.  For the moment, though, we are waiting for the floor to dry out thoroughly and wondering if it will be possible to find a craftman to come and renovate rather than replace.  And, of course, before we go ahead with any of that, we’re waiting for a quote from the plumber to fix this radiator and probably replace similar taps on our other radiators. 

Another photo to show an “experiment”. 


I’ve been experimenting with sewing while standing, since it’s more comfortable to stand than to sit.   Dusted off my old basic Silvercrest and have placed it on a plastic crate, on top of my 1950s sideboard, so that it’s at about the right height for me to sew while standing.  I won’t be attempting any “serious” sewing like this, so the patchwork for my sister will be on hold until I can sit down comfortably in front of my Juki . . . but I messed around chain-piecing some charm squares and seams don’t look too shabby. 

That’s all for today folks . . . I hope to be able to show you a happy dance soon with “Statement Flowers” or to show you what I’m making with the charm squares.  Stay tuned and stay warm (if it’s winter in your part of the world too).  Here, the stream has frozen, with temperatures as low as -12°C.


11 thoughts on “some this, that, & the other

  1. I’m sorry to hear you are still in pain but at least you are able to continue with your cross stitch so all is not lost. I do most of my sewing and craft work in a standing position – always have – and if my sewing machine was on a higher table I’d probably stand up for that too so who knows what you might be able to achieve. Hopefully it won’t come to that before you are fully recovered though. What rotten luck for your beautiful floor – I hope it can be restored for you.

    • Yep one of the problems buying an older house . . . things start to leak and once one radiator leaks we expect the others to follow suit soon.

  2. It’s very creative of you to find activities, projects and positions that allow you to keep working despite the back pain. I wonder if you’ve tried one of those ‘kneeler chairs’ as a way of aligning your back temporarily to relieve pain? And I also found sitting on one of those huge exercise balls helped a lot, both before and after surgery, as it strengthened my core. Crossing my fingers that your lovely parquet can be restored once it has dried out; if the wood has swollen it may be possible to sand the piece back to size.

  3. You’ll have this cross stitch finished before next week’s SAL update! I think your standing while sewing approach could be a winner in the end. I used to play the piano standing up, and while it took awhile to get the hang of it, it certainly worked for many things. I think once you get used to it, you will be able to do some pretty fussy sewing.
    We have hardwood floors, and water damage is not the end of the world, though a frustration. We had a section of floor (in a closet) that actually warped it was wet so long, but we were able to improve it a lot with some conditioner and sanding. Parquet has so many seams, I’m sure it’s pretty delicate in comparison, but letting it dry and then some conditioner might restore it nicely. Worst case, a pro comes in and trades it out with undamaged wood from a closet or less noticeable area. Frustrating though!

  4. Your bright & cheery cross stitch will be a complete garden in no time. I hope the Floor is easily repaired & not too costly. You are very innovative ttying to work a standing machine. Do you have a button start as it would be easier on your leg. I do hope your back, leg heals soon

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