red, black & silver progress

My back is still preventing me from doing as much sewing as I would like, so I’m pacing myself.  A half hour here, an hour there (when I can manage) and this current quilt project is beginning to take shape.

It’s something I’m making for my sister who asked for red, black and silver, when I enquired about colour choice.  I’m not using silver  but a light grey . . . I hope that will meet with her approval.

black & red 02

This is the latest block I’ve been working on.  Six of these, to add to the six in the predominately red colour-way

black and red 03

You can’t see in photo, but the central square in the red blocks has teeny tiny dots


as opposed to large polka dots on the predominately black blocks.  Next job will be to slice up sashing.  I’ve already moved away from my initial sketch since black blocks were supposed to have a grey centre, not red . . .  there could be a few other changes made along the way.


18 thoughts on “red, black & silver progress

  1. It’s lovely, very simple but lots of impact. I think plans for quilts should only be for guidance, and if you think colours should be changed, well, you’re in charge! Don’t overdo it with your back, a little work and a little rest, and repeat!

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