when it’s cold outside


When it’s cold outside, the best place is indoors – I think you’ll all agree.  We’ve been having regular snow flurries in our part of France.  So far, a couple of days of snow flurries which then melt away . . . only for it to start snowing again.

On Thursday we took Gibbs out for some exercise and fresh air – snow had melted everywhere as you can see from the green grass, but it started snowing during our walk.

gibbs01 (2)

So we woke up yesterday morning to the first photo.  Cats must have had a vote during the night, and have agreed unanimously, that the best place to be today is indoors.  I wandered around with my camera to see what they were all up to. 

Abby was keeping the chinchilla company

cats 01

Ducky was happy because he had an entire double bed to himself

cats 02

Merlin was trying to get some sunlight

cats 04

and Le Bleu was flaked out on a chair in the guest room.

cats 03

I find it interesting that each cat finds a completely different place to sleep, and in this instance, each cat in a totally different part of the house.  Often I find at least one, or even two, in my sewing room because it’s a well-established fact that cats like to sleep on WIPs. But the only living creature in my sewing room yesterday was Rio – since that’s where he lives.


Postman came with lots of bills, but also a lovely card from Virginie.


I think that’s probably the last of the seasonal mail. 


8 thoughts on “when it’s cold outside

  1. Did Gibbs like the snow? We were finally out for a walk yesterday after a week in the single digits (F). Corgi boy Max was grinning all afternoon, and this morning I found him sleeping in the sewing room! Your kitties look pretty content inside!

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