“statement flowers” progress

I am really bombing along with this project – it’s so addicitive.  Only a few days ago I showed you this

statement flowers 01

Things have now grown to look like this


I’m alternating with black stitching, then some colouring in.  It really is lots of fun!

I also have a thank you . . . with more mail that plopped through the door, from DebbieRose.


Some lovely blackwork tree decorations and glittery card.  Thank you Debbie.

11 thoughts on ““statement flowers” progress

  1. Claire!! What a beautiful, fun pattern and your doing an awesome job with your progress! The pattern looks an adult coloring book that you are coloring in area by area with markers! Instead your a true artist coloring in the design with a needle and vibrantly colored threads! I look forward to seeing more of your progress in the near future!

  2. I agree with Kimberly that the flowers design looks like an adult colouring page and I can now see the enjoyment in stitching it – previously I thought it might be tedious. 😉 Those are lovely blackwork ornies that you received.

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