projects underway for 2017

2017 is only 10 days old, but I’m feeling quite pleased with progress on a couple of new projects.  I showed you this start

statement flowers

Which now looks like this

statement flowers 01

Lots more black outlines but I also gave into temptation and starting “colouring in” simply because it got quite boring just stitching in black.

A patchwork project that was only in the sketch stage at the end of last year


Has begun in earnest, with three of the predominately red blocks assembled

Black and red 01

And I’ve just pulled out a quilt top from my box

stripes 02

This was pieced in August, for no specific occasion.  I was just having fun playing around with fabric . . . I am now in the process of quilting and this will be gifted to a baby boy as a playmat. 

And a last photo, to say thank you to Storm – for these lovely decorations.

from Storm


21 thoughts on “projects underway for 2017

  1. You’ve been busy! I’ve only just ‘got over’ Christmas as Mr. T has only just gone back to work yesterday so, as with my birthday, I stretched the festive season out over several weeks and am having trouble getting back into a ‘routine’. I like the way the black and red quilt is coming along – you sister is going to be pleased 🙂

  2. The red, black and gray really makes a nice combo. Love the fabrics with the quilt pattern! Isn’t it nice when you actually have something in the stash you can use for a special occasion? 🙂

    • it is lovely, isn’t it? When I bought it, the original idea was to gift it . . . then I gave into temptation and decided to keep it to stitch myself lol.

  3. Your x-stitch looks challenging but it’s lovely. I like the fabrics you’re using for the red/black quilt and the quilt top is ever so pretty – I often wondered what I could do with a similar stripe, thanks for the idea. I’m a bit envious of your sewing projects and can’t wait to get re-settled so I can sew again – my mind runneth over with ideas. 😀

    • I used that stripey fabric in a cushion cover earlier last year, just using large bands of it, with stripes going the other way. It was a small piece I bought because it looked fun, and sadly this quilt top saw the last of it (apart from a few bits in my scrap box).

  4. I forgot to mention that I enjoy the links to other bloggers that you include and today had a very nice visit with Storm. From visiting her blog I discovered where in Canada I can buy stitching supplies. Thank you Claire.

  5. Great progress on the colouring in. It’s looking lovely. I do like the new quilt too. You’ve got lots done in a short time. I really admire your productivity 🙂

  6. The cross stitch is really pretty – I would have to start colouring in too, before all of the black was finished. 🙂 Thank you for sharing my blog link, I love getting visitors and it’s great to know that my handy links were handy! ❤

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