Gibbs update


Gibbs, our Flat coated retriever pup, was 4 months old on 6th January, and like all proud parents of a fluffy puppy, we’re keeping tabs on his growth chart.  He now weighs in at 15 kilos so that’s 3 kilos in one month – sounds about right to me.

He’s now fully house-trained and “asks” to go outside for pees and poops rather than waiting for us to decide it’s time.  He is also doing very well with basic commands.  After mastering the “sit” and “down”, he can now also manage the “stay” and walking to heel is getting better & better every day. 

Teething is going to be the next obstacle as Gibbs will chew anything he can get his teeth into.


For the moment, nothing of great value, but we’re more worried about him swallowing dangerous items than about actual damage.  Mind you, he did manage to steal a couple of goat cheeses the other night but he doesn’t just go for plastic. 


I managed to get a photo of Gibbs sporting the bandana made & sent by Lynn, (please admire the “sit” and “stay” position lol)  but sadly, I can’t let him wear this without supervision, no matter how cute he looks in it, because . . . yes, he tries to chew it. 


21 thoughts on “Gibbs update

  1. I have never had a puppy that didn’t chew stuff up. My golden retriever was the worst. They have all had their own favourites. There have been Walkmans (remember them), Barbie dolls, shoes, rolled up pairs of socks that passed through and emerged the other end still rolled up, soft furnishings including a doorstop that was astounding for the amount of stuffing that had been inside it, mobile phones, wallets complete with credit cards……need I go on? It seems to stop around the age of two. Good luck!

    • lol yep Gibbs is our 5th dog, so we know what to expect. I don’t think I’ll be too happy if he tries eating wallets and Visa card though 😮

  2. He is adorable, and you are either a secret dog whisperer, or a great dog parent, in addition to all your other skills. I have a funny chewing story for you….we had a premie calf that my mom took care of. He actually did some teething and ate my mom’s glasses! He survived quit well and we eventually put him in the freezer….😆

  3. Puppies seem to have their own list of dietary requirements, we’ve had a few interesting ones, my wedding shoes , for my 1st one ( I think that pup might have had a point, perhaps she was saying don’t do it) one ate the settee, yes the whole arm & the cushions were made of foam, it was everywhere. My standard dachshund ate through a seatbelt in less than 5 minutes, it looked like someone had cut it with scissors, the garage didn’t believe me. So good luck & remember eventually they turn into well adjusted dogs ( that think they are human)

  4. He is beautiful and as others have said, he will grow out of this stage. And here he looks so innocent… 😉
    Once when Buddy was a pup we had company over and were all sitting round the dinning room table talking. I kept hearing this strange grinding sound. Finally I looked under the table to see hem chewing on a chair rung! They certainly can be very naughty in that teething stage.

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