vitamins for winter

As you know, my husband and I are very lucky to be country-dwellers and have a fertile veggie patch and orchard.  Over the summer we enjoyed fresh produce from the garden, and were able to preserve some of our produce.  The bumper crops this year were tomatoes and beans (both green & butter) that I “bottled” and sterilised.


I finished up with a dozen of these jars of beans and as many jars of tomato sauce.  We’ve begun opening a few jars and everything is absolutely yummy!  Our hard work paid off.

With the cold weather, December was time to harvest the kiwis.  We picked more than 50kg in 2015 but my husband then gave the kiwi vine a serious prune so this year the harvest was smaller. 


Those are 12 litre buckets you can see there.  But the fruit were bigger.


Anway, there was still way too much fruit for us to keep for ourselves, so I bagged up kiwis and gave away 2/3 of the harvest to neighbours and family, keeping only one full bucket for ourselves.  We’ve been enjoying fresh kiwi for the past 4 weeks, really filling up on vitamin C.  Today, however, I decided it was time to think about keeping some for later on in the year.  So a stint of peeling & slicing

kiwi pour cp,gelo

And five 1 litre containers go to join the strawberries and raspberries we already have stored in the freezer.  I read, on the internet, that kiwi freezes very well, and it should retain both taste & colour.  We’ll find out whether that’s true later on in the year.


6 thoughts on “vitamins for winter

    • we’re lucky that the previous owners planted the vine about 15 years ago. It’s well-established and just needs pruning a little once a year.

  1. That’s a LOT of hard work there in those trays. I do hope it all pays off. I’m told kiwi fruit icecream is good, so if they go a bit mushy you’ve got something to use them for!

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