“statement flowers”

Happy New Year everyone!  Has anyone made any New Year’s resolutions?  I haven’t bothered, because I never keep them more than a few weeks/months.  I am just going to try and do as I did last year – have fun crafting, and many happy dances along the way.

It is a cross stitching tradition to begin a new project on the 1st of a new year . . . I haven’t strictly respected that, because I picked up the following, while there were still a few days of the old year yet to go.  

statement flowers

It’s a kit I bought back in the summer, I think, and was immediately attracted to it because of the bright bold colours.  “Statement Flowers” by DMC.  I did start off with some yellow thread, then I decided it would be more fun/practical to do all the black outlines first.  That way it’ll be like a colouring in project for my evening stitching. 

Stay tuned to see this one grow.  And I hope 2017 gets off to a good start for you all.


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