best layer of the month #December and best layer of 2016

Some people (namely a few family members) think I’ve got a screw loose where my hens are concerned.  Who’d have thought, a few years ago, that I would be getting so much joy out of hen-keeping? 

hens 25 01

We bought our 3 gals in May 2015, as 20 week old “on the point of lay” hens, which makes them just over 2 years old today.  They’re just your ordinary laying hens.  Miranda is a Red hen; Miss Marple a Black & Tan; Miss Moneypenny a hybrid Marans-Cuckoo.  I had read that a hen can be a prolific layer for the first year, with up to 300 eggs, and that production then dwindles.  This is part of the reason I keep tabs on who lays what.  I’m interested to know who is laying, and it’s become a daily routine to collect eggs, clean the coop, chat to the gals, and comment on their beautiful eggs.

Anyway . . . today being 31st, it was time to tot up eggs for December.  The best layer this month is Miranda with 25 eggs, while Miss Marple & Miss Moneypenny are in joint second with 23 each.  That’s  71 eggs which have come in very useful this month for pavlova, chocolate mousse, chocolate GF cake (twice) and soft-boiled eggs for breakfast, amongst other things.

While totting up figures, I was curious to see how my hens did over the full year.  Which is where my previous articles come in handy (quick scroll back in archives and some maths) . . . then drum roll . . .

In 2016, therefore 366 days, since it was a Leap Year . . . Miss Moneypenny (on right in first photo) laid 202 eggs.  Miranda (our red hen) laid 310 eggs . . . and (drum still rolling) . . . Miss Marple laid 320 eggs.


(photos taken during better weather)

That, my friends, is a lot of eggs, and sounds even more impressive when I realise that between the 3 of them, they laid 832 eggs during the year. 


7 thoughts on “best layer of the month #December and best layer of 2016

    • I’m amazed at how consistently they lay, even during the cold winter months. Summer is when they lay fewer eggs and Miss Moneypenny goes into brooding mode.

  1. As you know, our 4 girls are a lot older than your youngsters and egg laying is becoming more and more spasmodic and random. I found two on the concrete floor beneath their house the other day as if they had just dropped out unnoticed. Once again, we can’t decide whether to wind down the hens or buy new layers.

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