spoiled for Christmas

I hope you had a lovely Christmas, for those who celebrate, or just a lovely quiet family weekend for those who don’t.

Our Christmas was very low key this year. Just two of our adult children to visit. Daughter having flown over from England to spend a fortnight with the old folks and eldest son only able to visit for 3 nights (because of professional obligations).

I received some lovely surprises . . .

new dummy

The “big” pressie was a brand new tailor’s dummy.  I have put on weight over the past months, with all the inactivity due to back trouble and Doris (my old antique dummy) cannot be adjusted.  So, a brand new dummy has come to my sewing room.  I need help from my daughter to get her adjusted to my measurements, but very soon, I hope to get back to some clothes making.  And Ivy (every dummy needs a name) will be there to assist.

for dummy

Two stretchy dummy covers: one for Doris who will remain in my sewing room for sentimental reasons, and one for Ivy.

Other gifts

xmas pressies

5 Christmas themed fabrics and some glittery embellishments from my daughter;  a purple bracelet from my sister; and a Terry’s chocolate orange and Wrendale Designs bone china mug from Avis.  A lovely haul.

And . . . more thank yous to blogging friends . . .

from Lilubelle

Thank you to Lilubelle for this gorgeous seed bead bird broach and feather pendant.

from Ghsilaine

Thank you Ghislaine for this handmade card & tree decoration.

from Yvonne

Thank you Yvonne for this gorgeous crochet tree decoration and card.

And . . . in case you were wondering about the meat fowl

before butchers

Yes, their lives were ended shortly before Christmas.  My husband and daughter did the deed.  We had one guinea fowl for roast dinner on 25th, and it was delicious.  Guinea fowl were a lot bigger than we expected, weighing in at just over 2 kilos each so one was plenty for a dinner for four. The second guinea fowl and Naked Neck chicken (who weighed 2.2 kilos) have gone in the freezer.

4 thoughts on “spoiled for Christmas

  1. what lovely gifts! I am sorry you need a new dressmaker’s dummy, but glad you got one! I have always wanted one but do not do enough sewing to warrant the expense of a plus-sized model. Yours looks lovely, and I love the covers!

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