keeping the postie busy

Postal workers all over the world are very busy at this time of year, including our lovely postlady who has been stopping by every day with more seasonal mail.

from Agnès

A cute winter cross stitch from Agnès.

from Debbierose

A fun card and two wooden kokeshi doll buttons from Debbierose.

from Fred

from Fred2

A card and a little “book” with some tiny star shaped buttons from Fred.

from jeanna

A lovely embroidered Christmas tree from Jeanna

from Joce

A massive stash of bookmarks and a very pretty appliqué card from Joce.

from Lynn

A card and a Christmas themed dog bandana for Gibbs, from Lynn.  I’ll post a photo of Gibbs modelling this at a later date, I promise.

from mamoures

And a lovely selection of bookmarks, a little calendar and card from mamoures.

It’s definitely starting to feel a lot like Christmas in this house!  Thank you all so much ladies. 


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