more festive surprise mail

Don’t you just love all the festive mail, plopping through the letter box at this time of year?  Lots of lovely cards, and several envelopes slightly plumper than others . . . here are some of the handmade surprises I received recently.

from annie

From Annie G. a gorgeous lavender-filled Hardanger biscornu.

from Corinne

From Corinne, a cross stitched snow scene with reindeer.

from Jane

From my sister, a little padded decoration for the tree

from Monique

From Monique la Bretonne, a beautifully crocheted little stocking.

from nanacathy

And from nanacathy . . . a handmade card, tree decoration and . . . Hetty, the tinsel crocheted hedgehog!  Hetty was busy with intensive French lessons during her postal delivery over, worried that she would have trouble making herself understood on arrival.  But she feels right at home because we’re a bi-lingual family and


She’s found a friend in the shape of Mrs Chicken, who Avis made me for me a long while back.


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