meet Gibbs

Anyone who has a dog knows that the house suddenly feels so empty when our canine friend is no longer there. Barely 24 hours after saying goodbye to Blackjack, my husband was already talking about getting another dog.  Another 24 hours later, and he’d phoned a local breeder to make an appointment to visit.  And a further 24 hours later, we were at the breeder’s, getting licked to death.

72 hours is all it took, not to forget Blackjack, because he will never be forgotten, but to bring another furball into the home.

Please meet Gibbs


He’s 3 months old, weighs in at 12 kilos, and is a Flat Coated Retriever.  His real name is actually Mako de la Passe de l’Eider but, aside from being something of a mouthful, our neighbour has a chocolate Labrador puppy called Moka.  Moka, Mako, Mako, Moka, we knew we’d be asking for trouble and adding to the general confusion with a name like that lol.  So we’re keeping to our NCIS theme with animal names.

Photo doesn’t do him justice, but it’s very overcast here, and Gibbs is a black dog.  What I hope you can see from the photo is how gorgeous he is, and how alert. 

First 24 hours with him have been brilliant.  We have only had one puddle in the house and Gibbs already obeys the command “assis” (sit), knows that our front door and back garden gate lead into HIS house.  He has already taken possession of his bed, his toys, and boy, can he wolf down his food rations in the blink of an eye!


The cats haven’t yet reached a decision on whether or not Gibbs is welcome.  Our cats have always lived with a dog, but they don’t like change, and Gibbs’ arrival means just that. 

I’m also facing the added problem that Ducky has to stay indoors for over a week following his unblocking.  He also has medication to take twice a day but has decided not to cooperate at all.  Need to put on my thinking cap and find creative solutions for that. 

Anyway, you’ll be seeing more of Gibbs as he grows, and befriends the cats.  I don’t think it’ll be long before cats grudgingly accept him. 


18 thoughts on “meet Gibbs

    • On French news, there are certain areas that are “at risk” and fowl owners have been told to play netting over enclosures. Our area isn’t in an “at risk” zone so for the moment life carries on as usual and they all seem fine.

  1. Adorable.
    Have you tried ‘Feliway’ to make the cats feel less stressed? I plugged in a diffuser filled with it when new kittens joined the existing pack and it seems to work but, really, you need to use it a week or so before any change happens so you might be a bit late.
    Good luck.

    • I did use Feliway when we introduced the kittens into the family, and it didn’t seem to make any difference to the situation. I am pleased to say with the arrival of Gibbs, being a dog, the cats are already getting used to him and the hissing was only on day one.

  2. Claire, Gibbs is gorgeous! Congratulations on the new addition to your family.

    About Ducky: With difficult kitties we find two methods work best for medicine…
    Method one: Wrap the kitty firmly in a large towel like a burrito. Administer medicine.
    Method two: Place the kitty on a counter and hold him under your arm with his chin resting in your hand. Using your other hand place the dropper into the side of his mouth near the jaw; insert and squirt. If it is a pill, then insert your index finger and thumb into the same positions as for the dropper. Mouth opens, push pill to the back (you will be certain that you’ve choked him, but you haven’t) remove fingers, hold mouth shut and gently massage kitty’s throat.
    For kitties that are impossible then both methods in combination will have to be applied! We had one of those. 😯

    • thanks for that Lynda ^^ I do actually have a fair bit of experience in giving meds to cats. Usually prise open mouth and throw them in. Unfortunately, after 3 days, Ducky was also feeling nauseous and vomitting bile so I can understand that he didn’t want to swallow anything. Took him back to see vet yesterday and she gave him anti-biotics by injection.

  3. Welcome to Gibbs! He is adorable! My only experience with uncooperative kitties would be barn cats that we sort of man handled. When we had to dose them, we stuck them through a coat sleeve…protected us and them while we did the nasty deed. 🙂 Much like the burrito idea but they can’t escape quite as easily

  4. Oh, he is so cute! I did the same thing when the last cat died – I swore we would be cat free at least long enough to clean the dust bunnies! But the house was so horribly empty that we went and got our two girls very quickly.

    Love the name – Ducky will surely grow used to Gibbs. 🙂 At least you haven’t already got Tony, who would be getting cuffed in the back of the head by Gibbs all the time.

    (And as an aside, my mother has a sweet black lab girl named Abby. Her stepdaughter has a Gibbs as well.)

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