in memory of


Blackjack:  June 2006 – December 2016.

Sadly we had to make the decision on Friday to have Blackjack put to sleep.  Despite medication over the last couple of months, and a slight improvement for a while, his heart just couldn’t cope.  Lungs kept on filling up with liquid and diuretics couldn’t help to dry them out fast enough.

Blackjack was our little ray of sunshine.  A cross Labrador/Griffon, who we adopted at the approximate age of 6 months from an animal shelter.


Above photo was his first Christmas with us in December 2006. 

Blackjack shared our life and home for 10 years.  The house seems very quiet and empty without him. 


Other animal news . . .

Ducky had to spend 2 days and nights at the vet’s.  I noticed, on Thursday morning, that he was having difficulty urinating.  On Thursday afternoon, alarm bells started ringing in my head, and we whisked him off to the vet’s.  A good job we did too.  Poor chap was suffering from a blocked urinary tract which could have proved fatal if left untreated more than 48 hours. 


He’s back home now,all unblocked and none the worse for wear (wish I could say the same for our bank balance).  I’ve immediately changed dried cat food.  Ducky will need a specific food in future, to avoid any further blockage and the vet has said there’s no harm if the other cats all eat the same food (which is just as well since with 4 cats it’s impossible to keep a check on who eats what). 


24 thoughts on “in memory of

  1. It’s so sad to hear the news about Blackjack but look at those wonderful memories in the photos. You did everything you could for him. He was so lucky to find you. Here’s hoping Ducky makes a quick recovery from his ordeal. Have a good rest over the Christmas break. You’ll need it 🙂

  2. I’m so sorry Claire. I know you will miss him. Knowing when it’s the right time to let them go is a very important part of pet ownership and you did all that you could to make his last days comfortable and happy. Thinking of you x

    • thanks Lynn. We’re actually not too tearful, probably because we have known this was becoming an inevitable decision. And husband has totally surprised me because he wants another dog (I thought Blackjack was going to be our last) . . . so we’re off visiting pups tomorrow!

  3. I’m so sorry you’ve lost your dear friend and ‘fur kid’, especially at this time of year. It must have been very hard to decide that it was time to let him go. I’m glad Ducky’s on the mend.

    • decision wasn’t really hard to make in view of Blackjack’s state of health. If we hadn’t taken him to the vet’s when we did, he probably wouldn’t have made it through to the following morning and that thought made the decision easier to make. And, while I’ve been gathering up dog toys, cleaning dog bowls and putting things away, I might have to get them all out very soon . . . husband has decided we’re visiting puppies tomorrow.

    • thank you Wendy, yes it is sad because Blackjack was such a happy dog. Always “smiling” and wagging his tail – an excellent companion. Saying that . . . husband has decided we won’t be without a dog for long.

  4. Sorry to hear Blackjack has gone over the rainbow bridge, we lost Daisy in the summer to a similar condition (at 15) , we psyched ourselves up before the visit, although we were very sad, we were relieved. I sure he’s busy chasing bunnies ,& eating juicy bones on the other side.
    Glad Ducky is on the mend, thank god they can all eat the same food. Luna & May have a policy if you eat off your friends plate it’s calorie free!
    Look after yourself, hope you find a new fury friend.

  5. Rest in Peace dear Blackjack you will be missed. I loved seeing pics of him and hearing stories about him and the kitties. I’m so happy Ducky got to the vet on time and was treated and is on the mend. Hugs for the furkids mommy you both need them and deserve them.

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  7. So sorry to learn of Blackjack’s passing. Pets are all so special – glad to hear Ducky is recovering fast. What a week for you all. These men can’t last long without a new dog, I’ve found – I hope you find another special friend to help fulfil your lives. Alison xx

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