“tickled pink”

I am having a happy dance, and feeling tickled pink . . . because not only have I just finished a small quilt that had been dragging on for 12 months, but it’s a Christmas present,  therefore something to tick off my list.

tickled pink 01

This quilt measures 44” x 42” and was made using a Moda charm pack “Bandana” and solid white.  I started it in December of last year, over optimistically thinking I’d get it finished in time for Christmas 2015 . . . One year later, however, and it’s ready for Christmas 2016.

tickled pink 02

I’ve called it “tickled pink” because there is rather a lot of pink in this quilt,

tickled pink 04

but also because I really was feeling tickled pink as this finally came to a finish.

tickled pink 03

It will be gifted to my 15 year old niece, and will probably clash horribly with everything in her bedroom lol, but I don’t care!  I love sewing with bright fabrics, and I’m pretty sure niece will forgive me for my choice of fabrics/colours  for this quilt simply because Auntie Claire made it with love.


16 thoughts on ““tickled pink”

    • thanks Catherine. The great thing about secret sewing is: the person isn’t expecting anything, so even if I’m a year late, they’re none the wiser lol

  1. I think she’ll love it, just the right size to cozy up with a book or her laptop! And, thank YOU! A cheery little envelope arrived today from France!! The card is going to my office, so that I can enjoy it every day, and the ornament will be a welcome additional to our very eclectic Christmas tree next week. You are a dear!

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