totally spoiled

It feels like Christmas before Christmas here and I have been totally spoiled – not that I’m going to complain of course!  Be warned, this post is going to be laden with photos, that will have you turning green with envy lol.

First up . . . a big thank you to Kate of by the babbling brooke who sent me a card and a lovely hand-made decoration for the tree.  We won’t be putting up a tree because of the 4 cats, but I do put up long lengths of ribbon at ceiling level in the hallway to hang cards, so decorations will be hung up alternating with cards this year.

from Kate

Then another big thank you to Lucyann who sent me an unbirthday surprise.   Lucyann crochets . . . and I feel so honoured, because she sent me the most gorgeous shawl.

from Lucyann

from Lucyann1

The yarn is one that Lucyann hand-dyed and colours are simply beautiful, not to mention the crocheting . . . I am in admiration.  Here it is, modelled on Doris (who is sporting a stretch Tshirt for the occasion).  And that wasn’t all . . . Lucyann also sent

from Lucyann3

a lovely card, some handmade honey & poppy seed soap, and a little Father Christmas charm.  Wow!  What a great unbirthday surprise that all was.

And (because there’s more)  . . . we invited neighbours round for dinner last night . . . and they brought me

from Band C

I’m getting quite a hen collection these days.

hen collection


14 thoughts on “totally spoiled

  1. Gorgeous shawl, Claire! I love your hen collection especially your newest addition. The snow falling on your photos is very creative. That wee mouse might be teasing your cats. 🙂

    • yes I know lol. Found the snow widget a few years ago (can’t remember now exactly where it was) and snow flurries began on 1st December :d

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