a bit of this, that, and a few thank yous

Some surprise post these past few days for me, so I’ll start off with saying thank you . . . to Flo, who always remembers me on her travels, and sent a selection of bookmarks. Some from as far away as Bali.

from Flo

I particularly like these two lol.

from Flo2

A gorgeous stitched card also arrived from Annie, who was one of the recent giveaway winners.

from Annie

Annie doesn’t have a blog, but belongs to a cross stitch group in her local area.  This design is by Renato Parolin.

I managed some stitching too, working on another freebie kit (from the March 2010 issue of CrossStitcher magazine).


It’s a design by Lucie Heaton.  And I’m already playing around with fabric, wondering how I’m going to finish this little kokeshi doll off.

News on Blackjack, who had a check-up at the vets this week, following diagnosis of heart problems.


He’s actually perked up really well.  We have to continue with medication for another 2 months, and hopefully, we’ll then be able to reduce dosage.  Anyway, he’s eating again and is back to his usually happy self,

Other animals are all fine, and cats are preferring to stay indoors because of the cold weather.  Here’s Ducky, chilling out.


And last bit of news, in a nutshell, for those wondering about my sciatica . . . I had a MRI recently and we’ve learned that my sciatica is caused by discal herniation in L4-L5 and L5-S1.  I’ll be having physio sessions and will have to be patient . . . it should sort itself out.


11 thoughts on “a bit of this, that, and a few thank yous

  1. You’re always sending out little gifts Claire so you deserve to get nice things in the post sometimes too! I think it’s called Karma. Glad to hear Blackjack is responding well to his meds and let’s hope you get some relief from your physio sessions – Ducky looks like she (he?) doesn’t care one way or another 😉

  2. Well done on the sheep poo paper! I used to sell it where I used to work. Made by a lovely man quite close to where I am. I’ll have to see if I can find the daffodil car air freshener to send you. It smells like spring in Wales (or my car for the past 5 years).

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