out of my comfort colour zone

I’m going to be working on a new patchwork project, out of my comfort colour zone.  I want to make something for my sister, so asked what colours she would like . . . and she replied “red, silver and black”. 

I made her some placemats a couple of years ago, in black, red & white which are still going strong.


She said they go really well with her colour scheme, and that something in the same style would be good. 

Now, while there is some silver fabric on the market at the moment, with Christmas just around the corner, I’m going to interpret silver as pale grey.  I ordered in some fabrics and started sketching.


The fabrics ordered are the “wheat grain” prints with white on black, grey & red.  I’ll be using these a lot, in blocks, on borders and as my backing fabric.  However, I did have a few pieces of fabric in my stash that I’d like to incorporate.  Namely this black & white print, which I’ve already prepared.  It’s going to figure in the corner of each block.  I have enough for 13 blocks, so will be making quilt 3 x 4 blocks, and the 13th block for a matching cushion cover.

I did some sketches of a few rows to get an idea of colour distribution




And it’s the third sketch that I prefer.   Hence, the b&w fabric already prepared in units with white background. 


Am not yet sure if I’ll add the polka dots (probably not) but I’ve got some more solid fabrics in my stash too, so I’m good to go with fabric cutting.  This will be a slow project, because sciatica is still giving pain and machine sewing sessions have to be kept short, but I’m all fired up to play around with my new fabrics.


15 thoughts on “out of my comfort colour zone

  1. I do love your fabric choices and the sketches, and have no doubt you’ll make a brilliant job of it; your piecing is impeccable. I must confess that the design with the mainly black background is my favourite, but you know your sister and what she’d like best!

  2. Love this colour combo – it would go with my colour scheme too (in one room at least 😉 )
    I think the third sketch design is spot on even without the spots.
    I hope your sciatica improves soon.

  3. I love your pattern and the colors are going to be great together. Maybe think about saving the polka dots for the binding? I’ve seen that used to great effect a few other times. It’s going to be beautiful!

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