best layer of the month # October


Time to tot up the total of eggs laid this month . . .

gals 1 11

All three gals are laying extremely well at the moment.  Could be something to do with the fact that they’re back in our veggie garden (which is looking very bare after harvests) and therefore have more than 200m2 to roam around in during the day.

We had a total of 83 eggs this month.  Miranda = 29, Miss Marple = 28 and Miss Moneypenny = 26.


So Miranda, our red hen was the winner. 

Meanwhile in our backgarden, meat fowl are growing


Difficult to tell from the photo, but everyone is getting bigger and the Naked Neck chicken now has tail feathers.  Guinea fowl are 9 weeks old and Naked Neck is 8 weeks.  They still have a lot of growing to do before the festive season though.

And other news – Blackjack is doing a lot better.  His meds are kicking in, and we’ve been able to coax him back to eating.  So, looks like he’s on the road to recovery, yay!


10 thoughts on “best layer of the month # October

    • meat is a bit “gamier” than chicken, and also very low in fat. We started a family tradition décades ago, where we always have guniea fowl at Christmas to mark the occasion.

  1. So pleased to hear Blackjack is feeling better. I have two Mirandas – but they are both in moult at the moment so our egg supply is meagre as the other two layers are getting on in years.

    • our Miranda isn’t as red as she used to be . . . loads of white on her back. Hubbie reckons it’s old age, but she’s only 2, so can’t be that.

  2. Those eggs are simply beautiful. Congratulations to Miss Miranda. Does she get an extra grasshopper with her meal now? =) Glad to know Blackjack is improving.

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