Blackjack’s getting old

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A few medical visits this month, and one for Blackjack too . . . he’s been under the weather for the last few days, so a check-up was in order.  He’s 10 and a half now, which means he’s not getting any younger and we weren’t very surprised when we heard the medical verdict.  Beginnings of heart failure.

Xrays showed that his heart is enlarged and his lungs are full of liquid . . .  he’s now on a course of diuretics to help empty his lungs and another medication which will help his heart work more efficiently.

Vet wants to see him again next week, just to make sure that his lungs have cleared up, and then we’ll take things from there.  He should start feeling better very soon.   Obviously, he’s going to be on daily medication for his heart from now on . . . but there’s no reason he can’t carry on leading a normal life for a few more years, with gentle exercise and lots of TLC at home.


20 thoughts on “Blackjack’s getting old

    • thanks Kate. Diuretics have already started to work which is excellent news although I’m already wondering how many times he’s going to wake us up during the night for a pee lol.

    • yes, he’s part labrador, so we don’t expect him to live forever, but we’re glad we have a diagnosis and meds seem to making an improvement.

  1. I’m sorry your lovely old boy is poorly. Here’s hoping the meds will perk him up. Always so hard when the fur kids grow old; saying goodbye is very hard. I hope you have a few more good years with him.

  2. Bless him! I hope he feels more comfortable now and that he has a few good years left in him to spend with you. My dogs are a range of ages but the eldest is 11 now and has cataracts and is a bit stiff when he gets up from a long sleep – seems like only yesterday he was a pup. I think animals are even worse than children for making time appear to pass by so quickly.

    • medication seems to be giving relief, thank you. And he’s enjoying taking his meds because the only way he’ll take them is in a small piece of cheese lol

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