Dimensions xmas decorations–happy dance

I set myself the challenge, way back in January to stitch this set of six decorations before xmas 2016.


Kits by Dimensions, complete with 14 count plastic canvas.

By taking things one kit at a time, and pacing myself with one every 2 months, it’s been a slow process, but at least I haven’t had an indigestion of Christmas stitching.  Today I got out the fabric glue, because I decided to back my stitched plastic with felt (so you can’t see the mess on the back).

dimensions x6I’ve trimmed up the felt but left a slight border . . . two on red, two on gold, and two on green.  So, a happy dance in this part of France, and now to rummage to find something else small to work on.


13 thoughts on “Dimensions xmas decorations–happy dance

  1. Lovely! They’d look lovely dangling from a Christmas tree or off the edge of the mantelpiece. And I suppose they’re also small enough not to tire you while you’re not feeling so good. Hope you find something equally small, pretty and quickly completed 🙂

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