best layer of the month # september

the gals

I’m a bit late with my regular “best layer of the month” article, but here it is.  Hens are in fine fettle, although they all appear to be moulting (especially Miss Moneypenny who has lost all but two of her tail feathers). 

Total of eggs for September was down on an average month with 54 eggs.  Miss Marple laid 24, Miranda 21 and Miss Moneypenny (who only stopped brooding recently) laid 9.

Other news . . . and not for the vegetarians amongst you . . . we have 3 new fowl.


Not for eggs, I’m afraid . . . my husband is already planning the menu for the family festive season so we have bought two 6-week old guinea fowl


and one 5-week old Naked Neck chicken.


Yep, he/she is supposed to look like that, he/she hasn’t been attacked by the others.   These birds won’t be given names, for obvious reasons.  I mustn’t get attached to them, although I can’t help thinking already how cute the Naked Neck is.  Only 5 weeks old, he/she is still just a big chick and is sticking close to the young guniea fowl as they wander around the enclosure. 


14 thoughts on “best layer of the month # september

  1. love your egg posts!

    I know we are supposed to know where our food comes from, but I am not sure I could raise meat animals – kudos to you! However, having heard the noise guinea hens make, I think I can imagine killing them. 🙂

    The little naked neck one IS cute – I never heard of those chickens.

  2. Having been there and done that, I can say that I allowed myself to become friendly with my food animals, I treated them with care and respect, and when the time came, I thanked them for the entertainment they had given me, and the nourishment they were about to give. And then I was OK with it. My sister in the Dordogne used to keep naked necks; they turn into huge fowl, and are remarkably unappealing when older. I believe you may find it in your heart to envisage him/her beautifully roasted by the time Christmas comes round!

    • well we won’t know until we try, is my motto, although husband will be the one “doing the deed” at Christmas. Problem is, the Naked Neck looks so small & cute at the moment . . . just want to pick him up and give him a cuddle lol

  3. We’ve raised chickens, turkeys and cattle for consumption. It’s not easy to not get attached, I’m always a little sad come “the” day. But it is good to know where your food comes from. And naturally raising healthy, happy animals is so much better than factory-farming.

  4. Well done to you for being able to ‘do the deed’ – I only keep chickens for eggs but we do have a cockerel and I have imagined killing him from time to time 😉
    Those naked necks are very popular here in France aren’t they? I believe they are bred like that to make them easier to pluck 😦 My friend has two – she needed a quick replacement to keep her other hen company when it’s ‘friend’ died and the ‘Cou-nu’ were all that were available at the time. They really are very ugly – although have nice temperaments apparently – so, as Kate said, you may find it easier to part with it when the time comes as it will probably look much more attractive surrounded by roast potatoes and sprouts 😉

    • I won’t be doing the deed, but husband. This is all his idea, not mine. I’m having to restrain myself from giving the new birds names lol.

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