some this, that & the other

I’ve been suffering from sciatica and feeling a bit sorry for myself.  I also needed some quick-fix stitching. . . so rummaged through my pile of freebie kits – kits I accumulated over the years by being subscribed to several British xstitch magazines.  Since we’re already in October, and Christmas doesn’t seem very far away, I plumped for something xmasy . . .


and after several stitching sessions, I had completed this lovely set.  The kit and charts were from the December 2011 (issue 247) of Cross Stitcher magazine and designed by Angela Poole.  They’re supposed to be gift tags but I reckon they’d look rather nice in the tree.

It gave me something of a pick-me-up to have a little happy dance with those . . . and something else that gave me a pick-me-up was a squishy surprise mail all the way from Canada.

An un-birthday surprise gift sent by Storm


A gorgeous blackwork card, which is Storm’s own design.  It’s an “Inuksuk” which is a symbol of friendship and welcome.  And a lovely fabric bookmark.  Thank you so much Storm.

And something else that cheered me up . . . a short weekend trip to England to visit family . . . weekend during which I managed to nip into WH Smiths and buy this.


I’ve totally fallen in love with the artwork of Hannah Dale, which is copyrighted under the name Wrendale Designs. 


Just look at these gorgeous designs that have been charted for cross stitch.  I think I’ll stitch the hare first. 

The weekend away means I didn’t get around to doing my monthly “Best Layer of the Month” post so I’ll catch up over the next few days.

12 thoughts on “some this, that & the other

  1. Well, that’s you sorted with small stitching projects for the foreseeable future! I hope the sciatica clears up quickly, I do know how you feel, and it’s miserable. Glad your Christmas tag decorations cheered you up!

  2. Oh I hate it when my sciatic nerve flares up! I have had some success with the down dog yoga pose and hip opening poses. Not sure if that’s a universal help, or just me, though. Hope you feel better real soon!!!

  3. The tags are very pretty!
    I want to stitch the dog from the calendar. Hopefully I can get World of Cross Stitching when I next go to Germany (it’s not always available). WH Smith is one thing I really miss from the UK!

    • I hadn’t heard of her either but her artwork is all the rage in the uk at the moment. Designs on stationary,home and kitchen ware, etc in most gift shops.

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