happy unbirthdays in September

More little parcels winged their way to various parts of the country, and abroad, with unbirthday gifts for September.  Lavender bags being the main thing again this month.

To two forum friends, who share the same first name: Cathy and Katy

unbirthday Cathy

unbirthday Kathy

To Agnès (fuzzy photo, sorry)

unbirthday Agnes

One zany cushion without lavender . . . because it makes her sneeze . . . to my good friend Avis

unbirthday Avis

And something totally different to my daughter, aka Lindashee

unbirthday Meg

a couple of sachets of pickled veggies and ginger, Japanese style. 


7 thoughts on “happy unbirthdays in September

    • No they’re probably from about 15 years ago. My dad used to collect all the royal mail mint stamps and postcards. I inherited all the albums and delve into the postcard collection whenever i need a card lol. Good job he doesn’t have a grave to turn in lol

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