can’t get enough purples & greens

You all know how much I love purple and green . . . these two colours just seem to pop up in my crafting, be it cross stitch or patchwork.  Of course, with patchwork, the result is, a box of scraps with various small bits of fabric just waiting to be used.

And, with lots of lovely lavender to be used up . . . what better way, than a few more decorative and scented cushions?

second batch

A batch in purples and . . . a batch in greens and PINK!


Who’d have thought, eh?  Me, using bright pink lol.  These were a brilliant way to use up my very last scraps from the keyboard cover I made my niece earlier in the year.  And, some of those lovely stripes used only recently.

That’s over 40 little lavender cushions made so far lol . . . next job is to make myself a full sized cushion which I’m going to fill with lavender . . . but I need to build up some more bright scraps first.


7 thoughts on “can’t get enough purples & greens

  1. Purple seems to be a bit of a popular color for some. One of my favorite yarn companies puts lots of pictures of various shades of purple yarn in each of their catalogs. They always look rich, just like the purple in your projects.

  2. These are lovely and so useful too, I have some in all my cupboards and drawers because, as well as smelling nice, lavender is supposed to be a natural insect repellent. I made so many lavender bags at one time that I think I developed a bit of an intolerance and now it makes me sneeze if I’m around it too much.

  3. they’re lovely and bright! You could combine them with some stitching to make some special bags. I made a set of lavender bags using some embroidered handkerchiefs my grandma gave me one christmas, I’ve also made some embroidered ones, but I’ve run out of lavender!

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