more “vignettes” in progress

thread sorters fabric

Do you remember these?  I showed you three thread holders I made the other week, using these gorgeous prints . . . what I didn’t tell you is I didn’t have just one set of 6 . . . I had a few more.  Two more sets of 6 to be precise.

I therefore sliced them up, and squared them all up to 3 3/4”.  Rifled through my fabric drawers in search of something yummy but not too busy.  My first reaction was to go purple . . . but after a few fabric auditions I decided to go green (with a splash of purple & gold).  I had the most gorgeous fabric in my stash (bought last year) which seemed to be crying “pick me!”. So I did.


Used the quick method of making my first lot of little blocks.  And made 48 of these.



Then I made HSTs using the subtle background fabric and a light marbled green . . . so I had 48 more smaller blocks . . . and then started assembling my rows of three.IMGP1848

You can see what I was up to . . . yup, I decided to make more of the Indiana Puzzle block.  I really like this one. 


Colours of last photo aren’t very good


but it gives you an idea of progress so far.  I have my 12 blocks . . . I now need to stop and think about the next stage. 

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