everyone’s moving!

2016 seems to be the year where our three off-spring have all made the decision to move home.  None of them have moved far from their previous homes . . . it’s just been a question of down-sizing, upsizing, or looking for a better rental deal.

Eldest son moved in May – down-sizing from a shared rental into his very own bachelor pad, but going up in the world since he now gets to pay back a mortgage rather than rent.  I marked the occasion for that, by designing a very quick stitch card (which I already showed you) and looked like this.

got the keys

Just as eldest son was moving in to his new flat in May, second son and girlfriend, N, were starting to look at properties on the market in their corner of England.  Property prices are crazy in some parts of England!  Anyway, they’ve got their first foot on the property market now with a mid-terraced house and a 20 year mortgage.  They moved into their new home this month (once some necessary DIY had been perfomed) . . . that is call for celebration.

card CetN

A little card stitched up, with a design found in June 2007 Cross Stitcher magazine.

And our daughter, aka Lindashee, also moved this month.  She’s still in rental, but has moved to something slightly bigger & better for the rent money . . . hopefully she’ll be warmer this winter.


Lindashee rather likes Michael Powell designs . . . the above aren’t MP but Joanne Sanderson . . . from April 2008 Cross Stitcher magazine.

cards x2

Anyway, two lovely colourful cards to plop through the letter box and greet them in their new homes.


3 thoughts on “everyone’s moving!

  1. Lovely keepsake cards for your ‘kids’ to remember their new homes. Well done to your sons for managing to get on the property ladder – I know how hard it is and wonder what my eldest daughter will do when she can’t share a flat with her Dad any more – although I can’t see an end to his commuting for the moment 😦

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