scented sewing

I received a parcel the other day, from my good friend Véronique


A wonderfully scented parcel containing lavender that she had harvested in her garden (okay, field) . . . because she knows I love making little lavender bags.

It’s always lots of fun to have a rifle through fabrics, and get to play with lace & ribbons . . . but the best part is stuffing them and sewing the final seams shut – the lovely scent of lavender floating all around.

I’ve only used part of this huge lavender supply so far . . . and have been busy making little cushions to give to all my neigbours, as well as keeping some to hang up in strategic places around our home.

lavender bags

I used 6 different fabrics for this first batch – some are made of recycled cottons either leftover from other projects or recycled clothes items.  And, as usual, once I start making small items, I had quite a production line going.  Cut out my fabric to 5” squares, added a strip of lace to the front sides, then assembled all fronts to backs with ribbon inserted, before turning and stuffing.

28 lavender bags

And voilà – a first batch of 28 lavender cushions.


14 thoughts on “scented sewing

    • it does! I’ve even made some very basic pouches (with old quilt cover) and stuffed them Inside our cushion covers on sofas in lounge, so each time we lean up against a cushion, the smell of lavender wafts about the room

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