more beans

Hubbie and I have been busy harvesting again, and busy in the kitchen.

Beans, both green and butter, are growing faster than we’re able to eat them and, while I’ve already gone for the easy method of freezing about 5 kilos, I’m running out of freezer space already.  Other alternative, but requires a lot more work – bottling (or in this instance jarring).

For this, we needed jars (of course) and a large pan to sterilise the beans in jars.  Funnily enough, previous owners had left an old one in the garage, which we discovered while doing a clear out the other day.

what we found 02

I decided against trying to use this a) because it’s too high to fit on our hot plates which have an overhead hob . . . and b) because I didn’t fancy the idea of having to supervise sterlising and make sure the pot didn’t boil dry for the duration.  So . . . we splashed out and bought ourselves a super dooper electric one.   It’s what is gleaming because of the flash in second photo


Anyway . . . 2 hours on hands and knees the other day to pick two large bowls of beans (which I didn’t weigh, but approx 5 kilos).  Another 2 hours to top & tail and then blanche.  The sterilising of jars, trying to arrange beans prettily, and then another 2 hours of sterilising beans in jars . . . and we had 9 jars (4 of green beans and 5 of butter beans).

Of course, we had to keep busy while the electric sterliser was doing its thing . . . and hubbie made another 10 jars of tomato “coulis”, which only needed 30 minutes in the sterilser. 


Then  . . . only 4 days later, what did I pick?

more beans

Lol, yup another 3.5 kilos of beans.  These have been distributed amongst neighbours, keeping only a kilo for ourselves . . . by early next week, I’m confident I’ll have another bumper crop to pick and will do some more sterilising. 

It’s a lot of work, but fun, making our own “canned” food . . . very satisfying to see jars gradually build up on the shelves in our larder . . . but one mega cooking day per week is enough for me!


12 thoughts on “more beans

  1. So nice in the winter when fresh isn’t available or at least not at a decent price. Enjoy! I picked another small batch of green beans this morning before it was too hot but found that my two ripe tomatoes were eaten on by most likely the nasty gopher that we can’t seem to get rid of. I may have to pick them green and let them ripen inside.

  2. I was just having a ‘green bean’ conversation with the owner of my local sewing shop yesterday. Her parents have gone on holiday and she is looking after their garden. I think she will be happy if she never sees an ‘haricot vert’ ever again.

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