more stripes

The other day I showed you a cushion cover made with a lovely bright striped fabric . . .

out on limb cushion 05

Well . . . I had plenty left after my first sewing session, so I scouted around for some more zany fabrics and an excuse to patchwork.

Found some more “vignettes” in my drawer

stripes a

all very bright and great for a child’s quilt . . . so I trimmed up my squares and then set to making blocks.

stripes b

As bad luck would have it, I soon realised I wasn’t going to have enough stripes to make 9 identical blocks (although if I hadn’t made the cushion cover first, I would have) . . . so totally unphased, I just added another fabric

stripes 01

And for the moment I have a quilt top that looks like this

stripes 02

I won’t be quilting or binding just yet.  This has been made with no particular person in mind, so I’m not in a hurry to finish it off.  I will, however, be keeping that solid yellow fabric to one side since that will be my binding.

And while on a roll . . . and before putting scraps away . . .

stripes scraps 03

A 12” scrappy block to go in the drawer ^^ 


12 thoughts on “more stripes

  1. I have a feeling that your sewing drawers are a treasure trove…the colors on that baby quilt are wonderful. I love how you were able to use the stripes yet it doesn’t completely dominate the quilt. A fantastic example of balance.

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