“Out on a Limb” happy dancing

I’ve been having an extremely colourful happy dance with my latest cross stitch finish . . .

out on limb cushion 05

Colourful being the operative word lol.  I bought this bright stripey fabric on the internet a short while back – really cheap, because it was lots of small pieces.  I wasn’t really sure why I bought it, but when I finished this design by Imaginating, it just called to me.

out on limb cushion 04

The reason – the zany stripes really blend in well with the sofa cover in my sewing room.  A zoom on the cross stitch

out on limb cushion 07

I did some “recycling” when making the cushion cover . . . zigzagged together a few smaller pieces of wadding . . . used an old bed sheet as my backing fabric for quilted part . . . and I delved into the stash of wierd and wonderful fabrics I inherited from MIL for the cushion back

out on a limb cushion 03

out on a limb cushion 06

It’s not cotton and I have no idea what fabric it is, but it has lots of really fine pin stripes that I’ve got going horizontally.   Buttons aren’t all identical, but they are the same size lol.


10 thoughts on ““Out on a Limb” happy dancing

  1. The finishing is stunning. The striped fabric really goes well with the pattern and the sofa cover. And the best is that it was all using bits and bobs. Great job 🙂

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