a happy hoppy dance

Way back in September of last year, I showed you a finished cross stitch bunny


a design by Fido Stitch Studios.  At the time of finishing, I simply slipped my aida under a frame for the photo without actually framing it properly. It always looks better to show something framed rather than with raw edges, but a wooden frame wasn’t quite what I had planned.

I can now show you the real finish . . .


Isn’t it amazing how a change of colour totally changes the design?  A little bit of patchwork, quilting and binding


To give a 9.5” square that looks like this . . . on the back, a different fabric and ribbons


Ribbons which are there for good reason . . .



And one little fabric tray.  I decided on ribbons to tie the corners because this means the tray can be flattened out for easier storage or be hand-washed if it gets dirty.  The base of the tray measures approximately 5” square – it’s destined to be decorative but useful . . . I’m thinking, on the unit by the front door for car keys & loose change, or something to that effect.


16 thoughts on “a happy hoppy dance

  1. This is adorable! It reminds me of our house rabbit, Blossom, though he (yes, long story there) was a black and white lop. The cross stitch is very realistic, it captures that inquisitive bunny look very nicely.

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