thank you Sandrine

I celebrated another happy unbirthday the other day!  Look what Sandrine sent!

from Sandrine

Lots of bookmarks for my collection, including some that I get to colour in myself . . . and a patchwork pattern.  A big thank you to Sandrine . . . I’m not sure if I’ll be starting the patchwork anytime soon, but I may well sit out in the shade with my felt pens. 

3 thoughts on “thank you Sandrine

  1. I have a couple of ‘adult’ colouring in books but never know what to do with the finished page – although, to be honest – I’ve only ever finished one. Bookmarks are a good idea as they are both useful … and small!

    • I don’t think you’re supposed to “do” anything with a finished page ^^
      I also have some colouring books – not that I’ve done a great deal of colouring.

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