alteration challenge

I set myself a sewing alteration challenge. 


This is a skirt I had in my wardrobe, bought more than 10 years ago in the sales because I loved the style and fabric, but which I didn’t wear much because it was always rather a snug fit.  Over recent years, my waist & hips have expanded so this was destined to go to the clothes recycle bin.  Until I decided to unpick and reuse the fabric. 

I started by simply unpicking all the box pleats in the hopes I could actually wear it as a skirt.  However the waist band would have needed removing and replacing too . . . so while I was busy with the seam ripper, I just took the entire thing to pieces.

Then had a look at my patterns so see what fabric could be made into . . .


and decided I had enough to make model E of NewLook 6086.  I’ve made model D twice already, so thought it was about time I made a variation.

Anyway . . . fabric was washed and ironed after unpicking . . . to remove the holes made by previous seams, but also to try and get fabric back into shape.  It seemed to have pulled a bit skew-wiff in places because of the box seams. 

alteration 1

The first try-on looked liked this but I wasn’t happy as the front kept on gaping at the neckline and straps were too far out for my narrow shoulders.  I therefore unpicked binding on neck and under arms, trimmed the curve at armholes so that the points on front came in by about one inch and tried again.

alteration 001

That’s better ^^  You’ll notice I’ve added buttons where the straps are attached to the front.  My hubbie thought they were needed to hide the join.

Side view also looks good, because I managed to get that bottom stripey bit lined up nicely

alteration 3

View from back isn’t quite as flattering . . . this is where the distortion of fabric really shows, and I didn’t make the slightest attempt at pattern matching (so you don’t get to see a close-up shot)

alteration 02

But since I can’t see what I look like from behind, I’m honestly not too fussed.  I achieved what I set out to do:  reutilise the skirt fabric and make myself a lovely tunic to get a bit of sun on those shoulders (while sitting in the shade, I reassure you lol)


This is an example . . . flaked out on a recliner and not alone . . . Blackjack’s rear end is in the photo too, as are Abby on the other recliner and Le Bleu underneath.  This is the life ^^


15 thoughts on “alteration challenge

  1. Oh, well done! I can quite see why you wanted to save the fabric, and it looks great, too. I’m feeling the urge to sew some clothes but I’m going to have to wait till I reach a good pausing place with the quilt. When I do, there’s a shirt, two summer tops and a dress waiting… Nice matching clogs, too, btw!

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