SAL update – Unicorn #4

I’ve been busy stitching more blue . . . and the “Unicorn & Maiden” design by Joan Elliott has progressed from this

SAL 03 07

to this

SAL 24 07

There are only 3 nuances of blue but the overall effect gives the design lots of depth . . . the worst part was remembering to leave “holes” in all the right places which will be filled in, at a later date, with white seed beads

SAL 24 07 zoom

I wonder how other SAL members progressed this month?  If you have time to do some blog hopping, pop over to the following links.

Avis, Gun, Carole, Wendy, LucyAnn, Kate, Jess, Sue, Constanze, Debbierose, Christina and two new members SusanP and Kathy.

Next update on 14th August.

26 thoughts on “SAL update – Unicorn #4

  1. This has a lot more depth now, and it’s going to look very pretty with the seed beads added. But what exactly is that garment doing…? She looks as if she’s doing a huge twirl to show off her new dress!

    • thank you ^^ Yes, Joan Elliott always manages to get lovely shading effects on her designs with a minimum of colours. Here all it took were 3 different blues

    • it’s helping me to stick to one symbol/colour each time, otherwise I just seem to flit off in all directions and not make much progress

    • it’ll be a while before this is finished ^^ I still have quite a lot of cross stitch to tackle and then it’ll be beads and backstitch.

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