DMC biscornu happy dance

The other day, I showed you a photo of a lovely surprise gift from Wisher, who held a giveaway on her blog Pretty Little Things in a Box, and I was lucky enough to win.  Prize was a DMC biscornu kit and a pair of embroidery scissors.

I wasted no time in making a start on this little project. I do love a biscornu and it had been ages since I made one.


I didn’t have quite enough of the pink (for star) to stitch that symbol both front & back, so I subsituted on one side for a slightly darker pink.  And I decided not to use the red thread, but swapped for a very pale baby pink, to keep the design very bright.


I also decided not to use the pale pink button that came with the kit . . . and used 2 tiny green ones instead.  Typical me, making a few changes along the way Rire


So a happy dance with this lovely little biscornu and another thank you to Wisher. 


12 thoughts on “DMC biscornu happy dance

    • I would have thought you’d know this word, after so many years living in France ^^
      “biscornu” means “a funny shape” or something where angles are not straight . . . hence, a little cushion like this is called a biscornu.

      • There are a lot of words I still don’t know! This will be my ‘word for the day’ and it will stick in my mind just in case I have occasion to use it 😉

  1. So cute! There are some lovely designs for biscornu out there; my favourite is a Lotus Biscornu, which has longer points and looks like a chubby lotus flower. They make a great place to park things that would otherwise roll away or fall over, like cotton reels, as well as doing pincushion duty.

    • there are different shapes you can make – this one is a simple 2 sided biscornu made with 2 squares – you can also make 15 sided biscornu

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