not just patchwork

My blog started out, many moons ago, as a place to share my cross stitch addiction.  Little by little other crafts seem to have taken over, mainly patchwork which has become a new addiction.  However, today I do have some cross stitch progress to share . . . an easy project I began last month

out on limb

It makes for a nice relaxing project when I don’t want to mess around with too many symbols or colour changes . . . and currently looks like this

out on a limb

I’m using a very dark grey instead of black, for the cat, and am not respecting colour references for other colours either, but the design is simple enough for that not to matter. 

I have also been patchworking though ^^  And am very pleased to be able to show you this

let it bee 03

Yes, I have finished assembling all my hexies by hand and am ready to move onto the next stage.  This top contains 674 hexies, all basted onto paper before sewing together.  I have removed all but the outer edge of papers now . . . carefully storing in my box in case I decide to make another hexie quilt in the future ^^

11 thoughts on “not just patchwork

  1. I like seeing other people’s cross stitch projects – but I don’t do it myself as I think it could possibly drive me insane. Patchwork is so addictive isn’t it? I have almost totally sacrificed my dressmaking time to it – I’ve got far too many clothes anyway. Your work is lovely and, now I have seen some of it in real life too for my F2F quilt 🙂

  2. It is hard to decide which project I like the best. A simple cross stitch project is so nice when you need a break from intricate work. And your hexies are coming along very nicely! I think I like both of them equally! 🙂

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