cuddle time & hexie progress

We’ve been sweltering this past week, with average temperatures of 35°C and night-time temps of around 25°C  . . . the sort of weather where all you really want to do is avoid doing anything that’s going to make you feel warmer. 

Most of our cats are happy to find themselves a cool place to sleep, but Le Bleu doesn’t see any reason to change his sleeping habits.

He’s happy to cuddle up on my lap, despite the fact that we’re keeping each other even warmer . . . couldn’t resist taking a quick photo of him (I’m sitting in front of my computer desk so it makes life a little difficult to reach the keyboard)

cuddle tile 01

It’s almost as if he’s hugging my legs lol.  Anyway, he was totally relaxed . . . but the flash of first photo got a reaction out of him

cuddle time 02

Awwwww!  Made him bring his paw in, to try and cover his eyes ^^

Le Bleu really is the ultimate lap cat.  When I’m up and active, he follows me around, waiting for me to sit down and take a break. This means, that when I do sit down, I’m usually hostage of the cat because I don’t have the heart to move him when he’s looking so comfortable.  The good news is that, with Le Bleu on my lap, I’ve been making great progress assembling my hexies by hand in the evening!

You remember my “Let it Bee” hexies, right?

let it bee 02

Well, I almost have a finished top!  The darker “pyramid” blocks are really making the other fabrics stand out.  I’ve got the desired honeycomb effect, and also a secondary star effect appearing

let it bee 01

This is one half laid out on the floor . . . since that photo, I’ve come along in leaps and bounds.  I would take a more up to date photo to show you now, but that would mean waking up Le Bleu lol.


8 thoughts on “cuddle time & hexie progress

  1. Your hexies are lovely. I might dig mine out again and take them on holiday with me in late August – probably the only way I’ll ever make any progress.
    Of my five cats (the sixth one never did return 😦 ) only 2 are lap cats if given the chance but, like you, I hate to disturb them once they’ve settled.
    I know you are in a different part of France to me but, although we had some scorching weather last week, we seem to be very prone to storms at the moment. Still, as long as they happen at night it’s not so bad.

    • we apparently have a special “micro climate” in our little village ^^ Go 10km down the road and weather can be different, especially in winter.
      We’ve actually got some cooler weather forecast for this week, including rain and storms – but the hot weather will be back with a vengeance next weekend.

    • thanks Cathy ^^
      yes Le Bleu gets his name from his colour – although he’s just an ordinary moggie, he does look rather like a Russian Blue but with very faint tabby stripes

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