stash busting

I found an excellent excuse to play with fabric and to do some stash busting!  One of my husband’s ex colleague’s (ex because hubbie is now retired) has recently become a Papa . . . so what better excuse was needed to get sewing? 

baby pinwheels 01

I had a small piece of this cute owl print (only just over 15” square) and mixed it up with some polka dots and some marbled fabric to make pinwheels.

baby pinwheels 02

I only had enough of the owls to make 9 blocks, so have added some extra polka dots

baby pinwheels 03

and for the moment the future patchwork looks like this.  I’m going to turn all blocks 90° so that I have a “portait” layout when assembled.  Need to do some maths to work out how wide to make my sashing & borders too.  Am unsure if the parents will want to use this as a playmat or as a quilt for the cot . . . so I’ll be aiming for a standard cot-sized finish, and let the parents decide.

I’ll be back very soon (I hope) to show you the happy dance ^^


13 thoughts on “stash busting

  1. There’s nothing like a new baby to get the patchwork creative juices flowing is there? I love the way you’ve incorporated your owls with those other fabrics to make the most of your small piece. I will keep an eye out for the happy dance.

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