“Let it Bee” update

It’s been ages since I showed you progress on my hexie project, with print fabrics from the “Let It Bee” collection by Henry Glass.  Being a hand-sewn patchwork, it’s coming along slowly, but I’m getting there.


I’m still working on assembling the dusky pinkish-red pyramids which will be joining the larger hexie blocks together.

And have decided on my layout, which is going to look like this


I’ve actually almost finished my pyramids since this photo – have been assembling them in the evening in front of the TV.  Only 2 more pyramids to assemble, and I’ll be able to start joining everything together.

I originally made 15 hexie blocks, but will only be using 14 of them for the quilt.  The 15th will not go to waste though . . . you’ve guessed it . . . it’ll be turned into a matching cushion cover lol.

The final patchwork isn’t going to be very big, as you can see by the size of Le Bleu who sneaked into the photo.  However I think it’ll make a nice decorative “throw” on one of the sofas.


24 thoughts on ““Let it Bee” update

  1. Claire, I started a hexie project. It’s sitting in a box. I need to get it out and finish it! I love your fabric and how you chose to assemble your work. Can’t wait to see it on your couch with the pillow. 🙂

    • that particular cat, Le Bleu, gets everywhere ^^ He saw me heading off with the camera and just had to follow, to get in on the photo.

      • lol they are funny little things. Allie sat beside me crying most of yesterday. It was raining very hard, and it was noisy out on her porch. She very clearly wanted me to fix it.

    • problem with table toppers in this house . . . hubbie covers every available surface with books so I’d never see it lol

  2. This is a great hexiequilt!!! I do wonder though……WHY does the cats always have to walk on our project???? 🙂 When I´m machinequilting, they even lay down o sleep on the quilt, making me go nuts 🙂

    • exactly! in this house I have Le Bleu who always likes to sit on my lap for hand-sewing projects, and Ducky or Abby who like to assist when I’m machine sewing. Merlin isn’t very interesting in sewing ^^

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