new in Claire’s wardrobe

I’ve been clothes making again . . . yup, I looked at my rather limited summer wardrobe, and decided I need some new clothes. The advantage of making summer clothes – cotton is an ideal fabric. It’s not too expensive (depending on what you buy) and is easy to work with.

I showed you my “satin de coton” tunic . . . and had decided that the next job was to make a pair of cotton trousers to wear with that.


So, I got out the NewLook pattern #6602 again and set to work with some plain grey cotton.  You may remember, I made a first trial pair, complete with invisible side pockets, out of an old quilt cover . . . those were sadly immediately transformed into PJ shorts after Le Bleu ripped a hole in the leg.

Anyway . . . I decided not to bother with pockets this time. Just wanted to run something up quickly.  All was going smoothly, until I was trimming off my excess seam allowance on legs, with pinking shears lol.  And yep, I cut confetti holes in the lower part of one leg.  Let’s pretend I never told you that though . . . and my plan all along had been to make a pair of 3/4 length trousers!

tunic and trousers

tunic and trousers 01

The grey is a perfect match for my new tunic, and I personally think they look rather good, despite being so simple.

tunic and trousers 02

What’s great about them, is that they also mix ‘n match really well with my pink “unlikely tunic” . . . so I reckon they’ll be worn quite a lot.


After having finished my trousers, I immediately set to work cutting out more fabric to make a skirt.  I had something of a binge buy of cottons, having found a French on-line shop that sells 100% cotton 3 metres for 10€.  I bought in a fair amount ^^

The skirt pattern I decided on is


a very easy pattern for a wrap around skirt.  Because I’m tall, and don’t like my legs, I went for the long version.


Not a very good photo, but I was trying to show you all the wonderful new techniques I’ve been mastering for this project.  The waist has facing and interfacing, so I over-locked the lower edge of that.  I did French seams again.  My top stitching is nice and regular, and I even did a button hole . . . that’s for the tie, on the inside fold, to pop through before it goes around the back to be tied at the side.


And those are the “ties” – which I made my own way, because the pattern way was too fiddly for my liking.

Anyway . . . on, it looks like this




For someone who doesn’t usually like either pink or floral . . . there’s something about this fabric that called to me lol.

Next, I need to make a few more tops I think.  Something a little bit shorter than my Tshirt in photo . . . it covers up my lovely flat waist line and top stitching, so I’m going to see if I can adapt one of my patterns to make a shorter sun top, probably in grey.  Although, now I’ve made this skirt pattern once, I’m also going to make it again, in the shorter version.


18 thoughts on “new in Claire’s wardrobe

  1. Oh, there’s no stopping you now! Nothing like the odd new clothe in the wardrobe to perk up your spirits either 🙂 You just watch, you’ll be twin needling in knit fabrics before you can say ‘tricot’!

    • lol yes I’m already looking at patterns on-line, thinking I should buy one or two to stretch my sewing skills a little . . . maybe for the cooler months.

  2. very nice! And the shorter pants will be cooler. 🙂 And don’t be afraid to tuck in a shirt with that lovely skirt – it is so pretty, you want to wear it with long and short tops. 🙂 I am impressed that you are making so many things that actually fit you. I have a hard time with that and sewing.

    • I’m just following patterns for my bust, waist & hip measurements. Everything I’ve made so far is either loose fitting tunics/dress or elastic at the waist, or (with the skirt) wrap around, so fit only needs to be approximate. I like my clothes to be comfortable though, so suits me fine ^^

      • I like my clothes loose as well. My problem is that those three measurements don’t cometogether in one size so I am always fiddling about trying to figure out how much ease I should have when I am done.

  3. Awesome job Claire , your wardrobe will be full in no time..sewing is improvising …yes? 🙂 and your skirt is so pretty….lovely summer choices !

  4. Your adaptations remind me of my mom teaching each of my sisters and myself how to sew and how to make changes to patterns. We were supposed to know how to cook and sew before we could leave home. Thank you for the memories and the inspiration. I really need to do the same.

    • we made sure all our kids (2 boys and a girl) knew how to cook before they left home, and they are all very creative in the kitchen. Sadly, my cooking skills aren’t great, but my husband loves cooking so he’s happy. And I am now looking back at all those wasted years, wondering why it took me so long to start sewing because it really is addictive.

      • They weren’t wasted. You most likely used them differently. My son likes to create in the kitchen but his older sister has no interest. Still I ask her to help and learn. Glad you are enjoying such a healthy addiction!😉

      • yes I suppose they weren’t “wasted” but my big regret . . . my Mum was a talented sewer/knitter/crocheter and she sadly died when I was 21, and not yet of an age to be interested in learning needlecrafts. We could have had so much fun, and I could have learned so much from her.

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