scrappy and sample blocks

I’ve been accumulating a few scraps of late, with all this crafting so decided to sit down and do what a lot of ladies do :  make a few scrappy blocks.  I have no idea what they are going to become part of, so don’t even ask.  The vague plan is to try and make 6 inch blocks and 12 inch blocks from time to time – which should come in useful at some point.

I was feeling very “square” . . . so made two 6” blocks. Squares a little wonky (not my best piecing)

scrappy 6 inch 01

scrappy 6 inch 02

Fabrics used are from the Time 4 Teal blocks and cushion covers I made.  So a chess board effect with 1” squares and a central square of 2”.   I think they’re really cute & dinky.  I’m definitely going to make some more!

I then delved into my “samples” box.   These are not strictly scraps, but are only scrappy sizes.  Whenever I order fabric from Pelenna Patchworks, I always make sure to ask for a few samples of fabrics  that are usually pieces 2.5” x just over 5”.    It always helps to see fabric for real before deciding what to order for a bigger sewing project.   But then, it always seems a shame just to leave the samples hidden in a box.  So . . .  I added some plain white  and made up two 12” blocks.

scrappy 12 inch 01

scrappy 12 inch 02

They look the same size as the two above, but being 12”,  smaller squares are 2” each this time ^^  For the first one, I jumbled prints around for a totally scrappy effect. For the second one I went for something more organised.  I think I prefer things organised lol.


5 thoughts on “scrappy and sample blocks

  1. You’ve started building your own Parts Department, just like Sue! It’s a great idea, because if you ever need to make a quilt quickly, you’ll have a whole bunch of material on hand to help.

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