a Vervaco happy dance

After lots of minor happy dances, since September, on each Vervaco zodiac sign, as I completed, I am now having a full-flung happy dance because

zodiac 12

Yep!  I’ve finished stitching the last sign, which is Capricorn.  And therefore have the complete set of twelve.

zodiac x12

The Vervaco kit came with all 12 charts, and included one piece of 14 count aida with enough thread to stitch just one design.  I bought in more thread, and chose to stitch on 20 count, antique white aida, so stitched in one thread.

Each stitched design therefore measures approx 3.5” square.  And the plan, when I sort out fabric, will be to finish these off as a patchwork quilt, with each sign being the central square of a block.  It could be a while before I tackle this as I need to have a good think about fabric colour before, and probably order some in.

In the meantime, that’s one of my WIPs finished, and THAT means I can start on a new cross stitch project – yay!  Being summer, and since I enjoy some stitching on my recliner in the garden, I’ve chosen something easy.

out on limb

“Out on a Limb”, a design by Holly Gordon, and chart by Imaginating.  This only calls for 7 colours, and should be something that doesn’t require much concentration.  I’ll be stitching on a pale yellow 16 count aida (just for a change, and because my stock of white is very low) and using DMC 3799 instead of black for the cat.


11 thoughts on “a Vervaco happy dance

  1. Congratulations on completing the zodiac. I am looking forward to seeing how you tackle making it into a quilt, as I have some cross stitch squares I would like to make into a patchwork quilt. Enjoy your garden stitching.

    • yes I think, working on them one at a time really helped because I could tick them off as I went and it really felt like I was making progress each time.

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