another pinwheel happy dance

A few days ago, I was happy dancing with my “Somerset” pinwheels by Moda, which looks like this


I’m having another happy dance, with my “Somerset” pinwheels, because I’ve made a coordinated cushion cover – yay!

somerset cushion 01

Mini pinwheels on the cushion cover, so that I have 9 little pinwheel blocks.  I had some “Somerset” stash packs (approx 10” squares) so I sliced up 2 pieces of fabric from that, and also had a lone 5” charm square for the centre.  In this first photo, I’ve placed it next to the identical larger pinwheel on the quilt

somerset cushion 02

And here, with another section of the quilt and Ducky. 

I didn’t quilt quite the same way as for the actual quilt, although I did still do echo quilting.


Don’t know if you can see, but I quilted inside squares this time, so the inside of the cushion front looks like this


as opposed to seeing triangles on the back of the quilt, like this


The next job on my ever so busy quilting/sewing agenda . . . is to sandwich and quilt “Which Way?” In case you’ve forgotten what that looks like . . . it’s purples and teals.

whichway 01


15 thoughts on “another pinwheel happy dance

  1. You’re putting me to shame here! I felt proud of myself for finishing *half* of a complicated paper pieced block today… That’s a lovely cushion; I do love a pretty cushion to match a quilt, and such a great way to use up scraps, too.

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