cats and more cats

Readers will have seen that, in May, I was busy cutting up some cat print fabric


and you’ll have seen that some of those were turned into mug rugs, while others were made into a cushion cover

cat cushion

But, if you count up the fabric squares, you’ll notice that I had more than 9 of the second type of print ^^  So . . . after the first cushion . . .

2nd cat top

This one is only a “top” for the moment.  Needs quilting and then the final assembly but I wanted to show it to you simply because of the way choice of fabric for sashing totally changes the design!  The first cushion cover was made with ivory sashing and teal blue strips for binding.  Second one is made with the teal for sashing, and extra borders of very pale yellow and more teal.  So, almost identical choice of fabrics, yet a totally different look.  That’s just one of the things I love about patchwork lol.


10 thoughts on “cats and more cats

    • yes I love the fabric choosing part. There are usually several colours combinations that work, it all dépends what final effect you’re looking for. I prefer the second one, now that it’s made.

  1. What a great use for that sort of print. I’m going to have to look for one on the next panel sale I come across. That’s the second bound pillow I’ve seen today, and I like them.

    • I have lots of these vignette prints, on all different themes, and they’re all just sitting, waiting for me to do something with them ^^

    • yes same here ^^
      second one isn’t officially a cushion yet, just a top, but I’ll get around to quilting and sewing that soon.

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