today’s harvest

The weather has been rather up and down so far this Spring with quite a few days of endless rain and not many of bright sun. 

Our “crops” seem to be doing quite well though.  My husband is having something of a battle with the slugs but beer-filled slug traps and rows of copper have been laid.  I am pleased to say, the slugs seem to be leaving the strawberries alone this year (they appear to prefer decimating the melon plants instead). We have therefore been enjoying fresh strawberries several times a week . . . strawberries are doing so well this year that, not only are we eating them but I’ve also already got over 1kg stashed away in my new freezer. I’m thinking yummy strawberry pavlovas later on in the year ^^

todays harvest

Anyway, this is a photo of today’s harvest.  Almost 700g of brocoli, 600g of strawberries and 2 eggs. Miss Moneypenny is still on strike.  

I’ve already blanched the brocoli and that will be going into the freezer too.  We’ll have plenty more brocoli to look forward to, fresh from the garden, in a few days.

Oh and I actually did some work out in the garden the other weekend!  Yes WORK!   Wonders will never cease.  I was sitting, enjoying some quiet time on my recliner . . . and I happened to look at our garden path

weeds 01

Hubby keeps the grass cut on a regular basis, but he’s not so particular about the edges.  Anyway, I decided that the whole thing looked a right mess. If we’re going to have a path, it’s a good idea to actually see the path . . . so I put on my gardening hat (only figuratively) and set to work.

weeds 06

It’s not perfect, but I’ll make sure it stays clear in future, and will buy myself one of those edging tools to keep the weeds and grass under control.  I’d also like us to buy a few sacks of gravel, and put that down to help define the path a little better. But that will be a project for hubbie’s retirement. Only one full week of work before he retires.  We need to have a few projects in store to help keep him busy.


9 thoughts on “today’s harvest

  1. love the produce! our strawberries have flowers, I hope for a few berries someday, but it doesn’t look like there will be many. And this is the last year of the plants if they don’t produce, they are hogging space!

    The garden path looks lovely now, great job. And retirement – how lucky! Then he can do chores all day long, everyday. lol.

    • yes the nice weather months won’t be a problem because he’ll be able to work in the garden, veggie patch & orchard. It’s the winter months I’m dreading, but by then we should have some kind of routine going.

  2. Well done you, freezing and gardening. Very envious of the strawberries! It’s nice having husband retired BUT he expects proper lunches, not just a sarnie! And winter occupation is a nightmare!

    • lol thanks for that good news ^^ Husband can cook his own lunch because I don’t lunch and yes, I’m dreading winter.

  3. Perhaps you can put him to work colour coding and trimming your scraps into useful sizes…? No? Well, it was a thought. It would have left you with a scrap collection most of us would die for!
    Those path edges look good, but do avoid the gravel, it spreads like anything and dulls the mower blades (experience speaking). An actual edging strip of some sort might be more helpful, something that’s partly buried in the ground to keep the grass roots from crossing over.

  4. Nice work on the path. Fancy coming round to do mine? LOL

    Love your harvest. So far all I’ve managed is one courgette, and I think everything is drowning at the moment with the amount of rain we’ve had over the past couple of days.

  5. Fresh broccoli I’m drooling. They say finely crushed egg shells are also a good slug deterrent sprinkled round, and good for soil. Or strips of sandpaper, both biodegradable. Slugs apparently dont like rough surfaces 😂😂😂😂

  6. Good job on the path. Retirement will be an adjustment for you both; good luck with that. I don’t even buy pansies anymore. I love them but they’re like candy to the slugs and I can’t get out to take care of things daily. All I have to do now is find flowers the slugs will leave alone!

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