happy dancing with Somerset pinwheels

Don’t you just love it when you put the last stitches to a project?

I began piecing some pinwheels with Moda charms squares: “Somerset”, that Avis gifted me last year.  Piecing began in September, and then the top was folded away waiting for me to pluck up the courage to machine quilt.

I showed you a few photos the other day of quilting

somerset 04

where I decided to do some echo stitching with the walking foot, inside all of my triangles.  It took a few days, and then a few more days to tidy up all the loose threads and add binding, but now, ‘tis done!

somerset 01

Finished quilt is a lap-sized quilt, and measures 51” x 42”.

somerset 02

And one out in natural light


I am really pleased with how it turned out, and this is now casually draped over the back of my 2-seater sofa . . . the next job . . . make a cushion cover to match ^^


18 thoughts on “happy dancing with Somerset pinwheels

    • they might look scarey, but they are ever so easy once you know how to do them.
      Avis walked me through them step by step the first time and they are deceivingly easy to piece. It’s all a question of ironing seams and keeping things snug as you piece.

    • Debbie, check out the tutorial on Avis’ blog
      click on the photo of the mug rug under “tutorial” label, and it will take you to several tutorials she has on line. Very clear, with photos, that makes it ever so easy to follow. Avis’ tutorial is with QST but you can also use HST. It all really dépends on whether you’re using pre-cuts or not.

  1. Lovely and light for summer, Claire! I am just getting comfortable with assembling pinwheels. Maybe you will share what you’ve learned about pinwheels that gives such consistent results?
    Love your back yard! (garden + chickens + privacy = FUN!)

    • Hi Lynda, everything I learned about pinwheels I learned from Avis, who has a tutorial, with photos and clear instructions on her blog here https://ohsewtempting.wordpress.com/
      Just click on the photo of the mug rug, under the label “tutorials” and it will take you to several very clear tutorials, including pinwheels.
      This one is making pinwheels using QST (quarter square triangles) . . . that’s the one I followed when I tried my first pinwheels. You can also make them using HST (half square triangles) which is what I did for my quilt top as I wanted bigger pinwheels from a charm pack.
      It’s all about what direction you press your seams, to make things snuggle up nicely when you sew together. You can make them any size. In the tutorial, Avis shows with 5″ squares, but you can make them as big, or as small as you like. The best effect, in my opinion is to use a nice print, and then a contrasting solid.

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