SAL update – Unicorn #2

I’ve managed to get side-tracked these past few weeks by patchwork and general sewing projects – naughty, naughty.   This means that progress on the Joan Elliott design “Unicorn & Maiden” is quite meagre.

Here’s where I was last time


And here is where I’m at now

SAL 1206

I got bored with blues, so have begun working on the golden gown. 

Let’s go and see if my fellow SALers have made better progress than me. 

Avis, Kate, Gun, Carole, Wendy, Lucyann, Jess, Sue, Constanze and our newest member, DebbieRose.

Next update on 3rd July.


16 thoughts on “SAL update – Unicorn #2

  1. Oh I can see progress. I managed a couple of hours on the red geranium of the flower fairy but so little that I am not ready to post it yet. Like you I am too busy with fabric! Have a good Sunday.

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